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500 Mic Pre one


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500 Mic Pre two

Mic / Line Preamp module in the 500-series format.

    The 500 MicPre two is a Mic / Line Preamp module.
    It has a huge gain range from -10 dB to 60 dB.
    The separate Hi-Z input on the front panel allows you to directly plug-in a guitar or keyboard, and / or use this unit as a DI-box.
    Phantom Power and Phase Reverse switch are pretty standard on most Preamps, but this unit also has a 80 Hz hi-pass filter.
    Some of the highlights of the 500 MicPre two :
    * Mic / Line Preamp modules
    * Discrete transistor front end
    * Balanced input and output
    * Gain Range from -10 dB to 60 dB
    * Separate Hi-Z input (on front panel) with gain control
    * 80 Hz switchable hi-pass filter
    * Phantom Power switch
    * Phase Reverse switch
    * Fits any 500-series rack or console
    * Designed by Malcolm Toft
    * Hand-crafted and hand-wired by Ocean Audio in the UK

    Technical Specifications

    Mic input impedance : 1.2K ohms transformer balanced
    Hi-Z / Line input impedance : 1M ohm unbalanced
    Output Impedance : 600 ohms transformer balanced
    Frequency Response : ± 1dB 20Hz to 20kHz
    Maximum Output level : >+21dBm
    Distortion (mic) : <0.1% at +20dBm 1 kHz
    Noise (mic) : >-126dBm E.I.N 20Hz to 20kHz
    Power requirements : ± 16V DC 30mA approx.

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    500 MicPre two


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